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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smile

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Have you considered having braces installed, but hate the idea of wearing metal braces for years? Worry about people making fun of you because you have a mouth full of metal? There is a solution that you will find far more pleasing. It is called Six Month Smiles and it is available from Dr. Thomas Machinowski in Woodridge, IL.

six month smileWhat Are Six Month Smiles?

You no doubt know about metal braces and how they can work to correct a misaligned bite or crooked teeth. No one is ever going to say that they are not effective and that they will not deliver a beautiful smile. But the simple fact is, they do not fit every lifestyle. No one will ever tell you that they look great and realistically, not everyone is comfortable wearing metal braces for a long time, and that is where Six Month Smiles can provide an alternative.

Six Month Smiles work, as you might expect from the name, in about six months. They are clear, low-force braces that are cheaper than traditional braces and work in virtually the same way. They will not damage your teeth or your gums, and they will move your teeth into proper alignment safely and quickly. They are colored the same as your teeth, so unless someone is very up close and personal with you, they will likely not even know that you are wearing braces. They are ideal for teens who are concerned about the appearance of their mouth, and also for adults who would prefer not to hear comments about how they look like they should be back in high school. Let’s face it, people can be cruel.

What About Retainers?

Yes, you will have to wear a retainer. Virtually any teeth-straightening method retainerrequires the use of a retainer following the removal of the braces, in order to ensure that the teeth remain straight. Like the braces, though, the retainer will be essentially invisible. You will also have the option of a bonded retainer, if you prefer not to have to take your retainer out at night. The bonded retainer will deliver faster correction, but not everyone wants to walk around with a retainer in their mouth all day long.

Is There a Catch?

No. The Six Month Smile method is fast and effective, and appropriate for all ages. Anyone 15 years or older who has crooked, spaced, or otherwise misaligned teeth, can have their smile improved in as little as six months with Six Month Smiles. Most adults, and virtually all teens are good candidates for Six Month Smiles.

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No one should have to live with an unsatisfactory smile and often, braces can be the solution. Although not everyone wants to wear braces for a long time. If you would like to have your teeth straightened in just six months, call Dr. Tom at 630-795-1902.