benefits of professional teeth whitening
Dr. Tom Machnowski

Dr. Tom Machnowski

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

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Many patients of Machnowski, DDS pay their dentist a visit after experimenting with over the counter teeth whitening products and finding themselves disappointed with the results. This is quite common due to over the counter products not being as strong or effective as professional teeth whitening. Find out the many benefits of professional teeth whitening available at your Woodridge dental office.

Protecting Your Teeth And Gums

One of the top benefits of professional teeth whitening is the comfort of knowing your teeth and gums will not be damaged in the process. With over the counter products, it’s quite easy for the whitening strip or gel to irritate your gums and even cause enamel damage when used incorrectly. When you seek professional teeth whitening in Woodridge, our dentist monitors your treatment, ensuring no damage occurs to your gums or enamel. This means you don’t have to worry about cavities or permanent damage that cannot be undone. It’s always best to seek your treatment from a professional in order to avoid serious damage in your mouth.

Long Lasting Color and Fast Results

One of the benefits of professional teeth whitening you won’t find in a box is the fast results. With only one trip to our Woodridge dental office, you can leave with teeth up to 7 shades whiter. With over the counter products, you can use the product for two weeks and only find that your teeth have improved by a few shades. In addition, professional teeth whitening lasts a lot longer. As long as you are brushing your teeth and visiting us regularly for dental cleanings, you will find that your teeth whitening results lasts for as long as a few years. Although professional teeth whitening is more expensive, you receive more bang for your buck. Better results that last longer makes more sense than okay results that last for a couple of months.

Even Whitening

One problem many patients have with over the counter whitening products is that they have no control over the color of their whitening. They will either whiten it too much or not enough, and this can be a big problem if they have multiple dental restorations. In addition, whitening products from the store are not the best for fitting over your teeth, so there might be spots that are missed during your treatment. When you seek professional teeth whitening at Machnowski, DDS, our dentist ensures your entire tooth is covered evenly and that the color he is whitening your teeth to matches your surrounding dental restorations. This means that by the end of your treatment, your entire smile will be the same shade of white.

Experience the Many Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening For Yourself

If professional teeth whitening in Woodridge sounds like the right solution for you and you want a smile that you can proudly show off, give Machnowski, DDS a call today or fill out our online contact form to request an appointment. Our dentist will ensure you have a white and beautiful smile.